February 19th 2024

The Must-Have Attachments for Your Next SANY Excavator

The Must-Have Attachments for Your Next SANY Excavator

February 19th 2024

The Must-Have Attachments for Your Next SANY Excavator

Excavator attachments extend the capabilities of your excavator far beyond its original design, enabling your machine to perform a diverse range of applications. From land clearing to breaking hard surfaces and rocks, attachments offer the ability to maximise productivity on site by having one machine perform a number of different tasks.  

If you're looking for a way to enhance efficiency on site, allow us to share the must-have attachments available for your next SANY excavator:

  • Grapple

The primary function of the excavator grapple is to grab and lift; claw-like in design, this attachment is perfect for handling all manner of organic and inorganic materials. Available in a range of shapes and sizes – including combination grapple, log grappler, and pulpwood grapple – this attachment can support your logging, demolition, waste management, land clearing, and roadwork projects. The grapple attachment is capable of handling 3-8 tons, with the maximum jaw opening ranging from 1800mm to 2500mm.  

  • Ripper

Rippers make short work of breaking up rocks, stones, and hard soil. They are well suited for environments like mines which feature a scattering of hard rocks or stones. High- strengthened steel enables this attachment to be used in even the toughest of working environments. These tools are most often used for pre-excavation.

  • Hitch

Hitches allow other attachments to be safely and skillfully connected to the dipper arm of the excavator. Tilt, grab, standard or multi-function, we offer an array of hitches to help facilitate the safe and quick mounting and dismounting of attachments. The inclusion of safety pins provides additional safety benefits. 

  • Hydraulic breaker

Powered by hydraulic pressure, this attachment is most often used for breaking apart concrete and cement, such as during road repairs, as well as rocks. Hydraulic breakers could be thought of as the larger, and easier to use, jackhammer of the construction sector. 

  • Bucket

The most used attachment, excavator buckets are essential for earthmoving projects. They  enable and accelerate important applications, such as digging, loading, leveling, trenching, cutting, as well as sifting through or moving topsoil, rock or other dense material. 

We take pride in crafting top-quality attachments to streamline your earthmoving needs. To learn more about our excavators or available attachments, contact your local dealer.

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