May 13th 2024

5 Reasons Why Your Job Site Needs a Material Handler

5 Reasons Why Your Job Site Needs a Material Handler

May 13th 2024

5 Reasons Why Your Job Site Needs a Material Handler

Material handlers, also known as scrap handlers or lull machines, optimise the lifting and moving of materials to different heights on a diverse range of job sites. With 360-degree lift capacities and an extendable boom, these machines are often considered a more advanced type of forklift due to their greater extension ability. Traditionally used in the manufacturing and agriculture industries, in recent years material handlers have also become a familiar sight on construction projects due to the diverse range of applications they can execute, such as cleaning up work sites, moving heavy loads, and carrying out lift and place requirements. 

In this article, we outline 5 features of material handlers that can benefit your work site.    

1. Efficiency

Superior fuel economy, excellent stability, and impressive load capacities and reach, all render these machines an efficient choice for pick and lift operations. Mobile material handlers (those with wheeled undercarriages) are also capable of quickly transporting heavy loads across uneven terrain. 

2. Versatility

The different attachments available for a material handler, including buckets, forks, grapples, and jibs, diversify the applications they can carry out. This renders them able to execute the material handling needs of many different job sites, such as scrap yards, steel mills, warehouses, construction sites, waste and recycling facilities and inland ports.

3. Cutting-edge technology

New material handlers offer superior features and safety controls. Anti-rollover protection, hydraulic linkage, stabiliser control, automatic detection of malfunctions, elevated cab, and real-time data display help keep operators and bystanders safe during use. Precise steering and energy saving mechanisms are examples of features serving to ensure efficient operations.

4. Droop-nose arm

A common feature of material handlers, droop-nose arms make these machines perfect for picking up debris from a pile and precisely placing it into a nearby vessel, such as a container. A tight swing radius enables material handlers to carry out operations in narrow spaces, such as a cramped yard.

5.Heavy duty undercarriage 

Often used in tough working conditions, material handlers come with extra guarding to protect the critical components of their undercarriage. Solid tyres on a wheeled machine are a common feature that helps mitigate the risk of damage from the environment, whereas on tracked machines the motor is often deeply set to offer further protection.   

Are you looking for a material handler?

Versatile, efficient, and powerful, material handlers bring a host of benefits to any work site. SANY’s material handler fleet offers exceptional quality, fast operations, and excellent load capacities.

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