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1.7 Tonne Excavators

With an upper width of only 980 mm, the SANY SY16C can easily drive through narrow passages and spaces, especially with the 1600 kg weight, making the transportation more easily between different sites. The short tail swing is also ideal for tight job sites and confined spaces.



Cab height:2420

Cooling system:4.1L

Engine oil:3.4L

Ground pressure:0.29 kg/cm² / 0.31 kg/cm²

Hydraulic motors – travel:3.8/2.2 km/h

Main pump - maximum flow:72lpm


 Download the SY16C Brochure HERE

The SY16C in action

Lean, yet powerful, the SANY SY16C mini excavator offers versatility and reliability in a wide variety of settings.


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